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Enquire about selling your vehicle to Hewitt Classics

At Hewitt Classics we own every vehicle that we have for sale and we are constantly looking for new and interesting stock.

If you are looking to sell your classic car, motorcycle, pick-up or any other interesting vehicle please either call 07532 400200, e-mail: or fill in the form below (and select Looking to Sell) with as many details as you can and if possible attach an image (or images) using the Browse button at the end of the form.
Enquire about Hewitt Classics Valuing your vehicle

If you have a classic vehicle tucked away or recently aquired - Hewitt Classics can provide you with a detailed valuation based on current and potential future values.

Please use the form below (and select Looking for a Valuation) with as much detail as possible. Hewitt Classics will then let you know if it will be possible to value the vehicle via the internet or if a physical check by one of our qualified Motor Engineers is required.